2021: The first step

Dear readers,

I apologize for not being active on Sincerely, D. I’d usually come up with some excuse to why I’ve been slacking off but the truth fits much better. To be honest, I had lost the motivation to write for Sincerely, D. I lost the motivation to go out into the city and capture its beauty with my camera. I lost motivation in everything. I ended up taking a little trip down the rabbit hole to figure out the kinks in my life and I’m confident to say that I’ve worked out a few of them. It’s only fair to you that I’d address some of those kinks.

Firstly, I’d like to address my past works that I had published on the previous version of this site. A lot of what I had written reflected what I had been feeling. I was struggling with my depression and my anxiety, although Sincerely, D helped me work through it all. I'm not happy about publicizing any of it. At the time I thought writing about my experiences would help others who were struggling as well but I’ve recently realized that it wasn’t helping me. Writing about my struggles was only making my wounds worse. Dwelling on my problems was clouding my passion for storytelling.

Secondly, I’ve been thinking about my future after college and the things that I wrote in the past might penalize me in a few years from now. There was an article I read where this woman was pursuing a career in education but was rejected by the employer because the things she wrote in the past were too personal. My take away from the article is that the things that we might post online with good intentions might not be appropriate later. I can say that the things I wrote in the past are not appropriate for the career I want to pursue now.

Thirdly, I’ve been thinking about the cold cases that I write about and publish to my site. Yes, they are the highlight of Sincerely, D but what will the consequences be if my future employer sees them? This is a difficult decision for me because I enjoy writing about mysteries and trying to come up with my own theories. In due time, I will come up with a solution.

If time allows me….I hope to organize my thoughts and get back to breathing stories into the lungs of Sincerely, D. I would love to write stories and publish them to the website but I’m weary of plagiarizers. Also, I’ve written a lot of non-fiction instances for my class and I believe they’d make a lovely addition to the Sincerely, D. So, instead of writing random rants I’m going to take the time and plan out stories I wish to write and to share. I’d like to end this post by thanking my audience for joining me on this journey and for supporting me along the way.



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